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FOnline: Aftertimes Initial Changelog
« on: April 29, 2017, 06:25:34 PM »

FOnline: Aftertimes is a new server based on fork of FOnline: Reloaded and is being actively developed by our team. The future updates and fixes will be delivered in a weekly up to monthly cycle in form of updates we call "recents". The project unlike the others will be developed constantly. Here's some diffrences from Reloaded and 2238 that are already introduced into the game :

Client side:
- Improved configurator - New binds added in the configurator.
- DirectX 9.0c is supported now in Direct3D mode. It should improve performance and reduce chances of game to crash.

Characters mechanics related changes:
- Lockpick science and repair skills have now 200% skill cap.
- Armor class is now one of the most essential attributes - you have halved AC while standing and normal while running along with new perks to gain AC base. Some armors now also give AC points.
- Finesse trait has been remade. It should be more effective mostly noticable with energy weaponary.
- Majority of perks has been reworked - requirements and values of attributes they're providing along with amount of same perks u may gain was changed.
- Characters run speed is dependent from an armor and weapon that's currently equiped and weight of items that are being carried within inventory.
- Base Hit Points are now calculated using formula 15 + STR + END + 50
- LifeGivers do give now 45 HP on first perk 35 HP on second and 25 at last third.
- Nemean Implants now give 15 HP each.
- Hit Points gained by leveling is now calculated using formula (END/2) +2
- Take a look to the new HP table:

- Speedboost is added to FOnline: Aftertimes. It depends from unarmed skill, +1 for every 12% of this skill, HTH Attacks, HTH Damage and Silent Death perks. Also it depends from wearing weapons. If your character is wearing gatling or some weapon from big gun class then all profits from unarmed skill and from all perks are lowered to zero. Speedboost depends from carry weight too. There's -1 penalty to speedboost for every 10kg of carry weight.

Changes in leveling perks:
- Bonus HtH Damage will give to character +10 melee damage and +15 to AC;
- Toughness perk has now two levels. First one will give to character +3 normal DT, +5 normal DR. Second level have character's level at least 9, endurance stat setted to 6 and it effects with +3 normal DT and +10 normal DR.
- Silent death perk has now character's level at least 15 and sneak skill at least 125% in requirements.
- Action boy perk will give to character 2 additional action points at once. There's also one rank of this perk.
- Lifegiver perk will efects with additional 45 hit points on 1st level of this perk, 35 hit points on 2nd and 25 hit points on 3rd.
- Dodger perk is able to get on 3rd character's level now.
- Ghost perk has now character's level at least 6 and sneak skill at least 80% in requirements.
- Adrenaline rush perk has now character's level at least 3 and strength stat setted to 7 in requirements.
- Living Anatomy perk has now character's level at least 12 and first aid skill at least 100% in requirements.
- Stonewall perk has now character's level at least 9 and strength stat setted to 5 in requirements.
- Iron Grip perk has now character's level at least 3 and strength stat setted to 8 in requirements.
- Right Between the Eyes perk requires now 15th character's level and 200% of small guns, big guns, energy weapons or close combat skill.
- Fast reload perk is removed.
- Dodger+ perk has now character's level at least 9 and agility stat setted to 8 in requirements.
- Even tougher perk is removed.
- Hit the Gaps perk requires now 15th character's level and 150% of small guns, big guns, energy weapons or close combat skill.
- Heave Ho!! perk requires now 9th character's level and 125% of throwing skill.

Changes in support perks:
- Mr. Fixit requires 150% of repair skill.
- Master Thief requires 150% of steal skill.
- Pathfinder requires 175% of outdoorsman skill.
- Gecko Skinning requires 100% of outdoorsman skill.
- Dismantler requires 150% of repair skill.
- Treasure Hunter requires 150% of lockpick skill.

New crafting system including:
- Total of twelve workbenches.
- Bartender profession allowing you to craft misc. drugs and drinks. 1st level of this profession can be taken from Mira in NCR and 2nd from Wooz in Gecko.
- Ironworker and ironmaster professions which gives you possibility to melt ores into useful parts and use various work machines. Both level of ironworker profession can be taken from Jargo in New Adytum. Same for ironmaster, but it can be taken from all mine foremans.
- Requirements for gaining professions is 75% of skill for first and 125% for second. Each profession has it it's own selective required skill.
- There's blueprints for Tier 3 as well as Tier 4 weaponary and armors (these are very rare).
- Changed formula for salvaging items using dismantle function.
- Private mines cost has been reduced to 40.000 caps and it's work time is now only 24 hours. They also do have some minor enemies inside.
- Time of ore veins respawning in private mines is greatly reduced.
- High quality chemicals are available in Waterworks, randomly with regular ones spawning along.
- High quality electronic parts are available in Waterworks, in the one of the broken computers.
- High quality fibres are available now in Gecko - checkout the west cornfield for them.

Introducing new items:
- Tier 3 & 4 blueprints
- M202 FLaSH Rocket Launcher [Tier 4]
- Many new crafting compontents.

Followers adjustments:
- Slaves will stop mining on flee command.
- Flee command is disabled inside of dungeons.
- Dead companions will drop their stuff inside of dungeons.

New features:
- Possiblity to rob a bank in NCR aswell as Hub and San Francisco.
- Lockers in towns will spawn various items.

New locations:
- Vault 14
- Slavers Vault
- New encounter maps

New dungeons:
- Vault 14 in zone 38 : 21;
- Slavers Vault in zone 6 : 8;
- Raiders's Hideout in zone 23 : 13
- Valdez Tanker underboard (in San Francisco tanker);
- Mariposa Military Base is filled by the the aggresive mutants and loot;
- Sierra Army Depot is filled by item spawners and security system eyebots and robots;
- Ghost Town in the zone 25 : 21;
- Toxic Caves have some spawners now and are available for tourists;
- Waterworks - small building on east is guarded by two sentry bots, ruined manager building is filled with the Slags;

Rebalances in the weaponry:
- Molotov Coctails now spray into flames uppon explosion that ignite passing by players and NPCs;
- 10mm SMGs have changed their ammo capacity to 45 bullets, damage to 12-18 in single fire mode and to 12-18 in burst mode. These SMGs will firing 15 bullets per burst now.
- Both Desert Eagle guns have changed damage to 16-25 and range to 30 hexes.
- Both Assault rifles have changed weapon perk to accurate, damage to 20-30 in single fire mode, to 20-30 in burst mode and range to 45 hexes in burst mode;
- Gatlings have changed damage to 54-79 and range to 35 hexes;
- H&K Cawses have changed their ammo capacity to 18, damage to 22-30 in single fire mode and 22-30 in burst mode. These shotguns will firing 6 bullets per burst now.
- Scoped hunting rifles have changed damage to 15-20 and range to 42 hexes;
- Both 44mm revolvers have changed damage to 20-30 and range to 20 hexes;
- Pancor Jackhammers have changed damage to 20-28 in single fire mode, to 20-28 in burst mode. There's also change with range for
firing in burst mode - now it's sets to 30 hexes.
- Light Support Weapons have changed damage to 30-40 in single fire mode and range to 37 hexes in burst mode;
- Now some armors do give AC points and some take them away.
- Tier 3 & 4 armors do have changed resistances and thresholds.

Rebalances in the ammunition:
- Small Energy Cells and Micro Fusion Cells have changed values for DR modifier to -20 and DMG adjustment to 1/2.
- 7.62mm ammunition has changed value for DR modifier to -15

Game mechanics:
- There's a temporary god mode uppon entering location from worldmap for players to load up the location and download data from server.
- Elevators now work with party tag system allowing you and your friends to venture down (or up) as a group instead of invidiual person.
- There's new A.I that controls over mobs & NPCs in all locations. They should now attack with a little bit more of tactic and surprise ( as well as avoid friendly damage)
- NCR Rangers, Enclave patrols and Brotherhood of Steel patrols are dropping their armors now but in really shitty condition, almost useless as players armor.
- Same as above for weapons like XL30E, H&K Caws, Pancor Jackhammer, H&K P90c, Minigun, Light Support Weapon, Laser Rifle with extended capacity, Avenger Minigun and Gatling Laser which will be dropped from random encounters NPCs.

- Slags in New Reno - the distance to be attacked by them is shorter now.
- Mobs in New Reno give experience points uppon kill.
- You can't use science at hex in Glow and Mariposa.
- Turn based mode in Stranded Ship is repaired now - combat will not start randomly anymore like it used to.
- Ares - you can't get out of map bounds anymore.

Map changes:
- You can't leave Ares by grid on 4th level.
- You now spawn outside of building inside of modoc replication point.
- You can't gather firewoods in traper camp bases anymore, but trees inside the towns are regenerating now.
- Power generator in Glow will work now 5-7 minutes after repair. You can't repair it all the time now.

This isn't a final changelog - changes may be introduced along as addition of new information. Be sure to check it out on the release date to be sure.

We also need few days for update our wiki. Have fun!
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