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PVP Forum / PVP Screens & Videos
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:47:47 AM »

3vs3 Waterworks.

Closed Suggestions / Speech Books
« on: May 05, 2017, 02:27:08 PM »
I wanted to suggest adding Speech to the list of available books to purchase in game, it would especially be handy at the start of sessions when choosing speech isn't necessarily a good idea with low levels or with other priorities taking place.


Wastes / Unfair Advantage - Recruitment Thread
« on: April 06, 2017, 06:51:23 PM »

Introduction :

Welcome to the new & Official thread for #Unfair Advantage. We are a small and casual Group Of Fallout players who have combined together to create a clan for RT & TB PVP for FOnline Reloaded. Our objective has always been to utilize the growing need for a professionally organised and lead faction for the use of PVP orientated combat. However we also now accept the growing need for a clan that assists new players, we can assist with both game modes and can give details on what builds are worth making and valuable advice on how to progress in FOnline.

Website :

Reasons to become a UFAV  Member :

◾Casual and Active Leadership
◾Almost always on FOnline
◾Nice clan members who are always willing to help
◾Trustworthy leaders
◾We highly revolve around trust/respect to one another
◾Split drops among those who participate
◾TeamSpeak chat area
◾We have lots of fun!
◾Everyone has an equal voice regardless of skill level, rank, or experience
◾Xbox Live Division
◾Rockstar Social Club Area
◾Forum and Infrastructure

Probably the most important topic of this post will be covered here. Like any other clan, we have certain criteria you have to fit and certain rules everyone will have to abide by.

Requirements :

◾Teamspeak is HIGHLY recommended (method of communication, although a mic. is not required)
◾A willingness to learn
◾Basic PVP Knowledge is recommended but not essential (Training can be given)

Rules :

◾Follow UFAV general rules
◾No backstabbing
◾Always give back armours/weapons to clan members first
◾Always respect one another
◾Always help out one another
◾Always split drops to those who deserved it
◾Always speak English when in a combat situation

Ranking :

Ranking will be based upon how you follow everything that's been discussed. We will look for those who are active and helpful in the clan, as well as on teamspeak, those who are experienced in PvP and have been a member for a while. Everyone will start off as a support and will work up.

Joining :

If you are interested in Joining please visit and make an application. It is recommended that you post your in game name, forum name and build so that we can better judge if you need Training or not. Alternatively you can contact one of the UFAV members privately.

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