Author Topic: List of perks of some perks who need rework by my opinion  (Read 1737 times)


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List of perks of some perks who need rework by my opinion
« on: June 20, 2018, 09:10:05 AM »
Earlier Sequence- make this maybe suport perk instend of regular.

Gain Agility, Gain Charisma, Gain Endurance, Gain Intelligence... this perk maybe give you 2 special points bonus instend of one    

Ghost give you also speed boost.

Healer , Healer+ and Medic murge into one Perk, cbt medic give you 40 bonus FA points when heal, CD reduced in half 150 FA skill point requirment   and 100 doctor.

HtH Evade and HtH Evade+ - remove from game, you alredy have dodger and dodger + what is  better than this, or give them bonus like speed boost for melle character.

Iron Grip and Tree Trunk Thighs is better to merge into one perk

Master Thief* suport perk reduce colddown for stealing and LOCKPICKING in half(requirment 100 steal, 100 lockpick skill points) this gonna be ok if we rise up cold down of stealing and lockpicking to 20 or 30 sec       

Spray and Pray -   Reduces target's critical chance protection...this perk is problematic because give bonus more than right between eyes and hit gasp together...if we make hit gasp and right between eyes work only on single shot , this can be make to be for burst mode reduce critical protection bonus from armors 50 %.

Hit the gasp is maybe better to have also +10 critical power bonus on critical table, so you can have more cripler effects on arms and legs.