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eclave campagne
« on: June 07, 2018, 11:25:05 PM »
I writing small campagne for enclave faction...for now i have some mission ideas, thinking about maps how they need to look like, and dialogs(for what i need help, because my english is bad)...and think to add more quests into story to not be only.
for now first mission 1) mission is militery traning, you going in militery camp putting you to try to survive from point A, to point B, point C and etc.  2) second mission is to clean up enclave mistake...killing enclave reserchers and they security in enclave labaratory, because they fail in their mission and enclave shuting down their project.  3) enclave findout some survivers -scientiest from children of cathedral(thats why you kill your resurchers) still working on new generation of FEW virus...kill them and retrive data from their computers , mission chemical X in their secret labaratory, 4) You need to make enclave nuclear reactor in use, because oil rig going low with fossil fuel...thats mean you need to get...uranium ore from broken hills, need some parts from gecko power plant, you need fusion accelerator(like in Fallout2) from vault city.  final reward i think is ok to get enclave cbt armor.... to make faction more alive, for now what i know you can get into enclave faction, but you dont have any use of doing that.