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FAQ> Ui Mods / Walls Removers / Highlighters / Planners
« on: May 01, 2017, 05:27:53 PM »

We've recieved alot of questions regarding the user-made modifications. I'll try to anwser the most common ones :

Q: Are Reloaded/2238 interfaces compatibile ?
A: As for now they're compatibile and working fine but that might change in the future with introducement of our new server-sided GUI modification called Multi-Interface

Q: Will the bold line / full body name colorizer shaders mod work ?
A: Yes it will in OGL mode for .glsl mod and in D3D mode for .fx variant.

Q: Are highlighters working too ?
A: Highlighters from Reloaded will partialy work. Only some items will remain highlighted and other might not due to extensive development and changes done to the game with every update.

Q: Is FOnline: Reloaded Character Planner compatible with FOnline: Aftertimes ?
A: No it's not. Reloaded planner will show inaccurate and not existing outcome. We'll soon release our own character planner. For now it's advised to ask more expirienced players in Discord and plan using Wiki.

Wall Removers on the other hand are fully compatibile with our game as with every other FOnline.