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super perk at 30 lvl
« on: April 07, 2017, 07:29:32 PM »
My idea to make around 20 perks which chosen at 30 lvl, that perks should be stroger than normal perks, and limited 1 per char.

there is some ideas:(part of them are joke/impossible to do in fo engine)
Super Perks:
1.Aries: Get bonus hp for every maximum point of carry weight and increases one's damage thresholds and damage resistances depending on what percentage of his/her total carry weight taken:
   201%-5DT,25DR (you can't move with it).

2.Aquarius: Tacical Fighting stats, timer are doubled and cooldown is 2x shorter.
   -in Agresive you dont lose DTs
   -in Defensive you can run.

3.Cancer: Your's attacks ignore half of target's resistances(DR,DT,crit resistances)
4.Capricorn: Double your's bonus movement speed, and increases one's damage thresholds by 50DT, when openent attack you on one hex.
5.Cyborg: -unlock 8 Perk implant slot.
-unlock 4 special slot implants.
-unlock 1 stat slot implant.
-modifies some multiple implants.
-give you a awarness.
-allow you to craft EMP shield stat implant and EMP resist stat implant.
-gain 5 to all DT.
-change your EMP resist from 500 to 0.
-delete your's all perks and trains
-does not allow to take support perks.

6.Cyclop: -if you are shotting in eyes, you always shot eyes, and ignore half of normal DR oponent helmet.
-immute for every attack to your head or eyes.

7.Dogcatcher: every 30 seconds you summoner dog special follower( maximum 6 dogs), dogs always moving when you are moving, they stay always around you.
for every dog, you got 15% accurate, and one random special.

8.Face Checker: -you are immortal when you enter to location for 3 seconds or one turn.
-when you open/close container/door you got temporarily 25% to all DRs (work 1 second).

9.Fireboy: -does not matter what weapon you are use, you always do a fire damage.
-pyromaniak work on all weapons and HtH.
-every your's explosion left a fire hex, it deal 30 dmg per 2 sec when someone staying on it.

10.Gemini: Clone your's self, make a Follower with your's stats:
clone can use every weapon and armor, and have your's nickname overhead.

11.Hulk: double your's hp.
12.Hunter: - change from 95% maximum chance to cought by random encounter to 100%.
- see traces of legs after someone move, traces will on ground for 3 sec.
- gain 10 healing rate, if you are close trees.
- ability to remove poison effect with fa skill.

13.Leader: -doubled your's Party points.
- + 6 to FOV.
- doubled amount of Tactical Marks.

14.Leo: immune for every attack which didnt aim you(rockets/granate splash, bursts on others, misses).
15.libra: All stats up:
   -1 to all special.
   -1 ap.
   -1 to all DR/DT.
   -1 hp, ac.
   -1 FOV.
   -1 to all skills.
   -1 to crit chance/power/resitance.
   -1 point of damage with ranged weapons/melee.
   -1 to movement speed.
   -1 to sequence.
   -1 to healing rate.
   -1 to carry weight.

16.looter: your's carry weight doubled, and you have chance to drop statted items when you kill npc on encounters, chances same like in crafting.
17.Mad Sciencist: - your science skill cap is 300%, and you got 300% science (NOTE: mats from science!).
- you can science under fight.
- you have 40% to teleport to other place in this location, when you got a hit(NOTE: dont work in some location, it will be changes soon.).

18.Melhior: - every npc deal half damage on you.
- when you got hit by player, you will have 30% chance to summoner Melhior's pet(fire geckon, deathclaw, floater, centaur)(max 10).

19.Observer: allow to enter new combat mode, loading during 5 sec, after this:
   -you can not move, untill you not turn off mode.
   -your FOV change from current to infinity.
   -range of your's weapon doubled.
   -you are lost every of DR/DT.
   -gain 100% to crit chance.

20.Priest: Every heals are doubled(fa, stimpacks, healing rate).
21.Pistolero: allow use 2 one-handed weapons with new mods:
   - single shot/single burst, second will cost 3 ap (this effect wont work after 5 sec/one turn without shot) NOTE: can be shot for 0 ap.
   - double burst, cost 3 ap more, deal damage in one moment.
   - double melee hit (knifes, clubs)
   - paralysis, cost 2 ap more, stun for 5 seconds or one turn, request 2 castle pround.
NOTE: graphics for knife+pistol, knife+smg, club+pistol and club+smg are not available yet.

22.Random guy: every 10 second or one turn your's stats changes:
-minus 5% current crit chance (min1%) to 50 crit chance,
-minus 10 current all DR to 90 all DR,
-minus 5 current maximum AP to 15 AP,
-minus 20 current FOV (min 30)to 56 FOV,
-current AC to 140 AC.
-constantly maximum HP to -50% HP,
-chance to critical miss to 4x chance to critical miss.

23.Sagittarius: some stats up:
   -5 FOV.
   -5 to crit chance/power.
   -Aimed shots in eyes/groin cost one ap less.
   -40 point of damage with ranged weapons if target away from you: 45 hexxes.

24.Scorpio: Each action costs 1 AP less to perform.
25.Specialist: rework you special rules:
      -changed resist to knockdown on every point from 5% to 10%.
      -changed maximum carry weight on every point from 25 to 50(small frame from 15 to 30).
      -changed maximum hit points on every point from 1 to 5 and allow changed it with support drugs.
      -changed melee damage on every point from 1 to 2, and count it from 4 Strength(before from 7).
      -changed FOV on every point from 3 to 4.
      -changed Sequence on every point from 2 to 4.
      -gain 10 hp for every point of edurance.
      -changed healing rate on every point from 2 to 10.
      -gain 2 special point to random special stat for each charisma point, it can't be charisma.
      -changed Special points per level on every point from 2 to 5.
      -gain 1 ap each 3 agility points.
      -changed armor class on every point from 3 to 5.
      -changed critical hit chance on every point from 1% to 2%.

26.Taurus: You are immortal if you are under KO, dont work on negative hp.
27.Traiter: opctional pick one more trait, and change work all of them:
   Awarness - show condition of weapon, helmet and armor.
   Bloody Mess - restore 5 ap if you kill player.
   Bonehead - give back Intelligence.
   Bruiser - give back 2 AP.
   Chem Reliant - change drug duration to 180 mins
   Fast Metabolism - again doubled healing rate, drugs duration is normal.
   Fast Shot - u can do aim shots, but they cost normal amount of ap.
   Finesse - your total crit chance is doubled, but second +30% to your targets' DR (60% total).
   Good Natured - you can have slaves, but only by buy.
   Heavy Handed - -1 Strength roll to determine.
   Jinxed - it dont happen to you.
   Kamikaze - give back 15% dr.
   Loner - you can have followers.
   One Hander - give 25% more damage when using single-handed weapons.
   Skilled - 20% to all skills.
   Small Frame - give back carry weight.

28.Virgo: pick normal perk, and get 250 skill points.
29.Warrior: your's Action points gain by 50%.
30.Zombie: your's negative hp cap changed to your's maximum hp cap (if u have max. 191, so your's negative will be -190), and when you are on negative hp, your's healing rate change for 1 hp peer 0.5 second.


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Re: super perk at 30 lvl
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2017, 07:37:46 PM »
Idea of a "super perk" sounds really awesome but it might be too much of a game changer. +1 for concept though.


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Re: super perk at 30 lvl
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2017, 05:21:14 PM »

We have to pass on introducing such a thing in current session but after wipe we'll surely consider such a change to perks. Current session is suposed to be a filler - add alot of new content to fill up the emptiness and remove useless leftovers from Reloaded and 2238 development.