Author Topic: Initial changelog 01.05.2017 (in progress)  (Read 1085 times)


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Initial changelog 01.05.2017 (in progress)
« on: April 29, 2017, 01:08:11 PM »
As you know FOnline: Aftertimes is running at the 2nd season of FOnline: Reloaded game. The main differents is:

Client side:
- Improved configurator - you can add some new binds by it.
- DirectX 9.0c is supported now in Direct3D mode.

New character's build:
- Lockpick, science and repair skills have now 200% of capacity.
- Armor class is halved when character is walking or standing.
- Finesse trait is reworked. It should be more effective with energy weapons.

New craft system:
required skills for profs
skill requirements
t3 - t4 bps
items from dismantling, dungeons...
- private mines are still available, their cost is 40.000 but production time is chenged to 1 real day,
- time between vein spawns in private mines is much shorter now,
- you must expect some troubles in private mines,
- high quality chemicals are available in Waterworks, randomly with regular ones,
- high quality electronic parts are available in Waterworks, in the one of the broken computers,
- high quality fibres are available now in Gecko - checkout the west cornfield.

New items:
t3 - t4 bps
m202 rl

Follower adjustments:
- Slaves will stop mining on flee command.
- Flee command is disabled inside of dungeons.
- Dead companions will drop their stuff inside of dungeons.

New features:
- Robbery Job in NCR, Hub and San Francisco.
- Lockers in towns will spawn various items.

New locations:
- v14
- slvvlt

New dungeons:
- Vault 14 in zone 38 : 21,
- Slavery Vault in zone 6 : 8,
- Raiders's Hideout in zone 23 : 13,
- Valdez Tanker underboard (in San Francisco),
- Mariposa Military Base is filled by the the mutants and spawners,
- Sierra Army Depot is filled by item spawners and bots, which will give experience points after their death.
- Ghost Town is setted up in zone 25 : 21,
- Toxic Caves have some spawners now.
- Waterworks - small building on east is guarded by two sentry bots, ruined manager building is filled with the Slags.

Rebalanced weapons:
- burning hexes

Rebalanced armors:

Game mechanics:
  • 3 sec god mode
  • elevators
  • new AI for mobs
  • item spawners in towns
  • npc armor + weapon drops
- NCR Rangers, Enclave patrols and Brotherhood of Steel patrols are dropping their armors now but in really shitty conditions, almost useless as player's armor. These ones for tradinf or dismantling only.
- Same as above for weapons like XL30E, H&K Caws, Pancor Jackhammer, H&K P90c, Minigun, Light Support Weapon, Laser Rifle with extended capacity, Avenger Minigun and Gatling Laser which will be dropped from random encounters.
- Private mines are disabled now - it will be enabled after reworks in sources production part in this game, probably after this weekend.
- Probably you will find some unfinished locations on worldmap.

- Slags in New Reno - the distance to be attacked by them is shorter now,
- Mobs in New Reno will give experience points now.
- You can't use science at hex in Glow and Mariposa.
- (Turn Based mode) Stranded Ship is repaired now - combat will not start randomly anymore,
- Ares - you can't hide your characters behind the cave wall anymore.

Map changes:
- You can't leave Ares by grid on 4th level.
- Entrances in replication point near Modoc are moved outside the builnding.
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