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Game rules
« on: February 05, 2017, 12:10:14 PM »
Here is a list of some actions that we consider unfair and illegal in the game. If you're spotting someone violating the rules, please message an Administrator by typing: +requesthelp <message>    or take a screenshot F3 and save log F2.

Using multilog or fast relog timer in order to gain an advantage in PvP activities (also includes scouting and looting) No warnings - it will result in a permanent ban. Fast relog means relogging to a different character during PvP in time shorter than 180 seconds, in order to join PvP activity. If you have to relog during PvP, make sure you have waited at least 180 seconds after logout of your character out of the game so total of 210 seconds.

Using excessive hostile speech.

Using offensive or inappropriate nicknames.

Spamming or making in-game chat unreadable.

Impersonating game staff.

Using bots, automated scripts, autoclickers in order to gain advantage over other players. Exception: using autoclicker/scripts for Fixboy is allowed.

Exploiting a known bug or abusing a feature. Report it instead of exploiting it; if it has not been reported yet, you might get a reward :)
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