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Start of 3th season
« on: November 10, 2020, 10:41:20 AM »
Hello there!

I'm proud to announce planned date of start the 3th season of FOnline: Aftertimes. This time you will receive the fresh experience in old game features where back into the roots of Fallout 2 is included.

What you can expect in season 3?

- more PvE content, like more dungeon locations, where not only gun's bullets are count to win,
- different economy system, where you will be able to guard the caravans or rob them, when they are transporting some stuff on the basis of goods exchange between towns,
- fresh and not overpowered character build system, where intelligence and charisma are now very important,
- new design of NPC's AI dedicated for FOnline: Aftertimes,

...and much more!

The game will begin on 1st of November 2024.
The next seven months will be spent on testing and fine-tuning both new and old game features.

For more info check our Discord: (invitations are disabled)
Stay tuned on our YouTube channel:
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