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something about implants?
« on: July 05, 2018, 10:22:45 AM »
my sugestion about implants:

you can get Specials by operation thats is ok.
For luck special you need to go to local witch(NPC who can be on new location maps from nevada) so she can make ritual for you to be more lucky (for caps or some mission quest items)
Maybe CBT implant you can only 1 install
Example: implant adrenalin pump give you perk Adrenalin rush
Nemain is nemian 40 HP bonus + 5 fire resist
Ninja implant (sneak 50 and silent death perk) ...numerous implants and prises...yea i mention some perks from above this is i choose perks who are OP to make not so much avaible to all players...gonna make new ones and interesting names for them.
Is like to give more options players to chosee...maybe i will get good big list, so combinations can be interesting. Offcorse if idea is interesting, if is not, i will not waste time...
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