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Title: Public tests are in progress!
Post by: worldremaker on May 02, 2018, 10:45:01 PM
We've started public tests of upcoming season. Currently the main points are:
- balancing of current builds, weapons and armors (provided by druto),
- new crafting system (provided by worldremaker).

Download FOnline: Aftertime's client from here unpack it and run updater.

After registering your new character go to Hub's Entrance where you can find Marshal from Gun Runners and Altruist with NCR Ranger Combat Armor. These two NPCs can help you make your build plan up to 150 level. Additionally, a little bit to the south-east direction, at the main street you can find all machineries and workbenches which will be featured in second season of this game.
Known issue: All these workbenches/machines are spawned by game staff and will not drop automatically from inventory.

Find us on our official Discord:
Title: Re: Public tests are in progress!
Post by: druto on May 09, 2018, 01:28:49 PM
And keep in mind that there are many unfinished features right now. Some dungeons are empty or theiy wait for content to be added. Many of these will be only adjusted shortly before the start of the new session.

For now just hunt me bugs and have fun :)